About Us

A pleasant night of uninterrupted sleep. A cozy night in with your favourite book. Unwinding and with your best friends at a slumber party. Aimlessly lounging around, binging and enjoying the weekend vibe. These are the moments we live for but do you know the one thing that is common amongst these moments? No, it’s not music, it’s comfy clothing!

With the aim to celebrate these small but monumental moments, we began House of Comfort. From pjs that give you a cozy night in to sleepshirts that bring elegance to nightwear to kaftans that add style to your lounging, we’ve whipped up an entire curation of nightwear & loungewear for you.

Our Inspiration

House of Comfort by Supertex Print is a loungewear brand that started in the year 2021, when we needed comfort the most. While researching and exploring for HOC, we came across this one misconception that a lot of people had i.e. comfortable can’t be elegant or stylish or PJs can’t be worn outside the bed. To beat this misconception and to bring the comfort of loungewear & nightwear to the entire house and beyond hence became our motto.

We wish to bring the comfort of pyjamas with a  touch of elegance to every home; through our various offerings; Pyjama sets, Kaftans, Shorts set, Sleepshirts and Robes for all.

Our Background

Hailing for the textile hub of India - Surat, with prior experience in the textile industry, we can assure you that we know our fabric. We also take pride in telling you that we are the sole manufacturers of all our products including the packaging. Apart from this, Surat is a pool of industry experts that have experience in various levels of trading and production which helps us maintain our manufacturing unit perfectly well.

We’re also a trademarked and ISO 9001 certified company, rest assured everything about us is authentic and class apart. 

Our Process

The entire process of House of Comfort right from sourcing to packing and all the nuances in between is done in house.

Each garment in our lounge-wear collection goes through a meticulous quality check. At every step of the process, we ensure we live up to our core values of providing a blend of both comfort and style to our loungewear. Starting with selection of the fabrics that goes through multiple quality checks to make sure the basis of our loungewear is supreme, in touch, feel and durability. After which it moves onto our in-house manufacturing unit where it is processed, printed and stitched to the excellent outcome that you see. Post this the piece goes through a quality check and packed into a premium reusable pouch, again made in-house. (We love our house)

Our in-house manufacturing unit gives us an edge and complete control over our quality and hence our promise to provide our customers with premium, quality-tested, perfectly stitched and luxurious nightwear is always fulfilled.

Founder’s Message

Our sleepwear puts a fun spin on comfort! We’ve taken the most luxurious and comfortable fabrics and given it some quirky, some modern and some elegant spin to it in our own way, in our own house.

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