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Discover Comfort and Style with Women's Pyjama Sets: This is the house where we shelter comfort and live in harmony with style. Unwinding in your favourite pair of cozy loungewear or having a good night’s sleep in some chic sleepwear, at the House of Comfort you get both under the same roof. Whether you like print or minimalism we cater to each woman's preference and taste with our creatively curated collection of comfy pyjamas.

Unparalleled Comfort: When you think of sleepwear you think of comfort, which is why we worked towards acing this aspect in all pyjamas. Be it silky satin or cozy cotton, each of the pyjamas are made using the best quality, breathable and softest fabrics handpicked by our team. Each of our pyjamas sets ensure a goodnight’s sleep thanks to its design that is crafted in a way to move with your body as you sleep or lounge in comfort.

Fashion Meets Function: Whoever said that one can’t look good when heading to bed or can’t be comfy in stylish pyjamas clearly haven’t shopped from us. Our pyjama sets ensure that you stay comfy all night (or day) long while being stylish. You can pick from a huge selection of prints, patterns and colours that resonate with your style. From classic stripes and dots to solid shades, from playful prints to fun patterns at our house there is something for everyone.

Sizes for Every Body: We believe that clothes should be made to accommodate your body shape and not the other way around. Hence all our garments come in a wide range of sizes that ensure that every body type is catered to perfectly and no one is deprived of the comfort our amazing pyjamas and sleepwear have to offer.

Quality That Lasts: Quality especially when it comes to sleepwear is a must after all that’s when you need the most relaxation. That’s why we make our pyjama sets with great attention to detailing and repeated quality checks. So, you can get the same comfort each night for a long long time.

Variety of Styles: Each person is different and so are their needs and we aim to cater to them through our sleepwear and loungewear. Enjoy those summer nights in our shorts and sleeveless pyjama sets or those chilly winter nights in full length pyjamas and long sleeve shirts. Not just that you will also find a print that matches all your moods. We even have matching pyjama sets for those romantic date nights with your partner.

Perfect for Any Occasion: We believe pyjamas are made for beyond the bed. You can wear them on a lazy Sunday morning, sleepover with friends, date night or just lounging at home. And for this we make cool prints in cooler styles so you get the best of both - comfort & style.

Easy Care: Hand wash, Tumble Dry, Medium Iron - these three simple things are your mantra to caring for your pyjama sets. Easy and convenient, providing you more time to focus on other things than caring for your sleepwear.

Shop with Confidence: House of Comfort is committed to its mission to offer exceptional quality, comfort and customer service to everyone. Fast shipping, easy secure payment options and hassle-free shopping experience help us deliver pyjamas from our house to yours.

Explore our huge collection of women’s pyjama sets, pyjama sets for kids and matching pyjama sets for you and your partner. Gift yourself or your loved ones the ultimate comfort with our sleepwear that will have you feeling relaxed and fabulous each morning you wake up in it. Indulge in the perfect blend of easy and stylish with House of Comfort.


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